DVD-RW Will not read media in window. Works in bios



So im using a Sony DVD-RW on updated XP and my computer doesnt seem to want to recognize media in windows. It has worked fine for about 6 months but has almost completly failed.

It will boot systems disk in from bios such as windows with no problems.

Also when it does detect a disk it seems to read it with absolutly no problems. This and its almost brand new condition has covinced me it is not a simple dirt or wear issue.

Really need help here!

also i have dma enabled since i saw it pop up while searching on this site for related questions…


Hi and Welcome!

are there any errors in Device Manager?
Also, please try to burn a disc using ImgBurn and post the log.



Thank you for your quick response. There are no errors in the device manager. Also I have tried to unistall and reinstall the drivers. Checked for updates(none were available).

As for doing that ImgBurn it will have to wait untill i have some cd’s or dvd’s which ever it requires.

Lastly since i did not mention it before it is a



Okay. Awaiting the ImgBurn log then. Let’s see if that can help further troubleshooting.



Sorry to bump this. I still have not gotten any disks and so have no log to post. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue that could maybe suggest something in the interim.

Again my problem is that my drd rw will almost never detect my cd or dvd. Once it detects it though it will read it and even reconize it after restart and shutdown. It will boot sytem disks fine with absolutly no problems. But if i change the disk it doesnt show up(in windows)

any tips would be great and i will have that imgburn(ed) in the next 2 days kids and school keep me really busy… thanks!