DVD+RW w/ 451S@832S (CG3B)

I have burned some data on the LiteOn DVD+RW 4x, included with the 451S I’ve bought.
The problem is that only my LiteOn 451S@832S can read the DVD+RW !!
In other players (writers also) the DVD+RW is giving CRC errors :frowning:

Can somebody tell me what’s wrong ?


LiteOn 451S@832S (CG3B) : Omnipatched (Bitsetting, Increase read speed, apply recommended tweaks)
Burned DVD+RW @ 4x & 2,4x with Nero 6.6

KProbe result.

Also smaller files give no CRC error (19mb files for instance) but bigger files (700mb) do give a CRC error.
The KProbe is a disc with 2 700mb files and one 20mb file, if you need this info

Try to copy the content on DVD+RW disc back to your HDD. Burn again on other kind of disk. :wink:

Edit. Man that scan looks awful. No wonder you get crc errors.

As a sidenote, DVD+RW are not suited for overspeeding. Always make full erase/format before burning/ storing important data on RW´s. When burning in ISO mode make also sure you respect ISO1 level (max. 11 chars.) for compatibility reason.

I’ve burned that DVD+RW @ 2,4x

I can copy the contents on my HDD with the Liteon 451S@832S where I burned it with, other players give CRC error.

I always erase disc completly

this is the scan after I totally formatted the DVD+RW

is it broke, or are those scans normal, or …?

Thanks for your PM. I will reply here as it will bump the thread and maybe someone else with similar experiences can help as well. Hope you don’t mind me putting some of you PM here, as I think it explain more about your problem, then some of the previous posts. :slight_smile:

Firstly let me say that Princo is not good media. Some people get reasonable results with it but this can change between batches or half way though a spindle. Your scan is actually not a bad burn for Princo media. Also Liteon drives prefer +R media, plus CGxx has been patched to improve +R media burns and not -R, at this stage.

Anyway here’s what I think you should do. You need to go back to a point where you can be sure things will work.

1/ Get yourself a new 4x DVD+RW. (Sony, Verbatim, Philips…)
2/ Backup your EEPROM with the EEPROM Utility on my site.
3/ Reset you media calibration data using the EEPROM Utility.
4/ Using the firmware on my site revert back to 851S GS0F firmware.
5/ Do a couple of burns of your new 4x DVD+RW @ 4x burn speed. Post the second burn result.
6/ Burn 2 Princo -Rs @ 4x and then post the second result.

Hopefully if all of this work you can then work your way back up to 812S firmware, or if you want dual layer, 832S firmware.

Thx for the fast reply C0deKing :slight_smile:

I’m gonna buy a new DVD+RW as soon as I have time.
I’ve backed up my EEPROM and resetted learnt media also flashed back to GSB9 (451S) with FlashFix.

I’ll post as soon as possible my scans, would be thursday/friday/weekend somewhere :slight_smile:

Question: can I use OmniPatcher to set AutoBitsetting on official liteon firmware, GSB9 for instance ?

Greets :wink:

The official LiteOn firmware cannot be used with OmniPatcher as it is compressed and scrambled. The stock GSB9 firmware on my site is the same as the official firmware and it will work with OmniPatcher, allowing you to enable auto bitsetting. :wink:

I’ve went to the store and bought a pack Verbatim DVD-RW (accidently…I’ve wanted DVD+RW but in my haste I took -RW :confused: ) and a pack of Verbatim DVD+R.

Here’s a scan of a DVD-RW I’ve burned, I think these scans are good/very good.
I can read them now in other DVD-ROM drives :slight_smile:

I saw some Verbatim DVD+R DL in store and here in Belgium they cost 100€ for 5 :o :o

Ow yeah I saw on some packages something with Azo (Advanced Azo, Super Azo, …)
What’s that ?