Does anyone know of any DVD players (playback only) not DVD recorders that will regonize and play this mode (VR)? (DVD-RW VR) I have a Sony DVD recorder I use to record from my Comcast DVR and found out the hard way to just record in video mode. Are there any programs that will convert this type of DVD (VR mode) to standard type -R+R etc?
Any info to put me in the right direction will be appreciated.


Since my Vista has a problem even veiwing the files on a DVD -RW recorded VR mode I try to post on this type problem.
My older XP & Windows 98 computer can veiw the files on one of these.
I only have one unit that is a combo that records VHS but is only a DVD player.I will give a VR mode disc a try in it & post back.
So my first question to you is can your computer veiw the folders & files on this type disc?
If it can’t then there is nothing I’ve found that will convert them.
ISOBuster free after trial version tries but never completes.

I know older Panasonic DVD players supported DVD-VR but my BD-35(Blu-ray) won’t, most players will give an error when you try to read a DVD-VR.
IsoBuster supports VR mode but only the paid version($30USD) will extract it. Once you extract the VRO file you can drop it most video programs(Nero,Pinnacle Studio,etc) to convert to DVD Video.

I put a -VR mode disc recorded on a Presidian(rebaged Funai) recorder in my
Philips DVP3345V combo.The DVD side is just a player so should be the similar to other DVD players.It had no problem playing this DVD.
I copied the .vro & .ifo files from a -VR disc to my flash drive using my XP computer.Then transferd these to my Vista computer since it is newer & faster.
Vista has no problem working with these file types just veiwing them on a DVD -RW recorded in -VR mode.
Then I tried these programs to work with the files:
For converting DVDFlick will convert the .vro or .ifo files the Presidian creates in -VR mode.The original menu is not preserved but DVDFlick can create new menus if you like.
Format Factory will convert the .vro to a single .vob.