DVD-RW VR Mode Disc

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH20LS15. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]LG GH20LS15 INTERNAL DRIVE.
When I try to play finalized DVD-RW VR mode discs I recorded on a Sony DVD recorder (a mistake because I thought it was cool to be able to edit out commercials) the drive spins up, I get a blue screen, shut down, and windows reboots (XP32 PRO). When I unfinalized the disc it was able to open with PowerDVD. I thought a disc had to be finalized to play on a computer?I’ve used Memorex and Maxell -RW disc. All other formats play.
What do I need to learn here? Is it possible to copy to my computer and then put on another disc? Just want to know limitations so I don’t get myself crazy.

You need to install VR drivers or a tool that comes with VR support…

[QUOTE=chef;2306125]You need to install VR drivers or a tool that comes with VR support…[/QUOTE]
How to find VR drivers? This would be VR drivers for drive, correct?

I didn’t have any luck getting Vista to work with a -VR mode disc.
Here’s a topic where my problem was discussed .Maybe it will shed some light on this for you anyway.