DVD+RW Video Editing - Unable?

Hi all,

I have been given a DVD+RW disc containing vids of friends, to practice with some video-editing with.
But I’m already stuck, the programme I am going to use (Adobe Premier Pro) doesn’t recognise the file type.

Folders on disc

Files within largest folder

I can watch the DVD in both a normal player (i.e. the one connected to my tele) and on the PC (through Windows Media Player). WMP shows the DVD as one but is split into various chapters.

Any ideas?


This seems to be a very popular problem.

I’ve posted this solution on a couple other threads. But to answer your question.

Editing software works best with avi and mov files.

mpg files are highly compressed files that use GOPs (group of pictures) so that you only have one frame every 1/2 second. The other 14 frames are partial frames that contain only the pixels that have changed from the previous frame. DV footage from a DV tape will end up being 13GB per hour.

I highly recommend using an external hard drive to store ALL of your video footage.
When purchasing an external drive make sure that the rps is at 7200.

The only way to edit your footage is to connect the camera via your firewire cable to your computer and capture the footage.

You will actually get better quality footage from a camera that records onto DV tape.
Don’t bother with HD, unless you know what you’re doing.

Premiere will not accept VOB/MPEG2 files. Easiest thing to do would be to either demux the A/V (ReJig, DVD Decrypter, etc) and us an MPEG2 editor like Womble MPEG VCR or Cuttermaran (freeware) and edit the video that way.

Vegas video editing suite will do it.Version 6 c( the latest to date )will do it.Just load the mpg to the timeline.Download a trial version from Sony Vegas and away u go.I have done several of these-its one of the many pluses over premiere.