DVD-RW video disc and standalone players?

I noticed that most threads talk of using DVD RW +R when making temp movie cd’s.

Is it possible to author and burn a DVD movie to a DVD -R RW and play it in a standalone DVD player or does it need ‘bitsetting’?

Yes it is possible to play video DVD-RWs on standalone players.

However! Most people don’t use it because:
DVD-RW do not support bitsetting. (DVD+RW does)
DVD-RW is slow, most are still only 2X. (DVD+RW is commonly 4X)
And alot of the DVD-RW on the market is poor/crappy quality.

I have used DVD-RW’s in the past to burn a movie and had them play without issues. It is not possible to bitset the book-type field in a -R or -RW disc. Bitsetting is only for +R or +RW disc.