DVD-RW Upgrade for Cyberdrive (DX082D) Nexperia PNX7850 based writer (BenQ DW800A?!?)

Many people getting in on the recent Khypermedia 8x DVD+RW drive deal have been returning the drive when they find they get the CyberDrive (DX082D) model instead of the easily upgraded BenQ (DW800A) model.

Both drives are supposedly based upon the Philips Nexperia PNX7850 reference design (like the Philips DVDR824P), and as such have similar capabilities.

This leads me to believe that if dual format (and possibly dual layer) writing can be achieved on one (the BenQ), it may also be possible on the other as well?

Is anyone currently working on the CyberDrive model firmware to see if it is similar to the BenQ and possibly also upgradeable?