DVD+RW unreadable in NEC 5800 A

I’ve recently bought a DRW 1004IM dual DVD+/-RW drive from BTC. I’ve installed the included software Nero 5.5. The drive was recognized without problems and there also were no problems to burn a DVD+R (Verbatim).
But when I tried to read the DVD+R in my NEC DVD-5800 A drive the DVD+R was not recognized. This happened with two more DVD+R.
I’ve already updated the firmware of the NEC drive to the newest version, but without success. Are there any special options I have to choose in Nero to burn DVD+R which are compatible with my NEC DVD drive? Any other ideas? As yet I’ve not tried DVD-R.
I’ve already read in this forum about other people having similar problems. But what I really would like to know if this is something which might be fixed with a new firmware or if it is a hardware-related problem. Because in the latter case I would have to return the DRW 1004IM.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

I experience more or less the same problems, only with another DVD ROM, and sent Marco (BTC support Europe) a mail about it. He wants to be able to duplicate the problems, so please send him the details (player, firmware of burner and MID codes).
His address can be found in his topic “BTC support”.

hi hoekdvd,
I’ve just sent a mail to Marco providing the details:
NEC DVD 5800 A, firmware 1.92 (upgraded only yesterday)
DVD+R (verbatim):

  1. Mid-code 3266 514 +R B A 17446 (those are the numbers on the DVD, I hope the mid code is included)
  2. ZC2871-DVR-W478

A third DVD+R was successfully burnt but can’t be read either in the NEC drive nor in my BTC drive
(same mid code as 1)

My operating system is Windows 98 SE, for burning I’ve used the attached version of Nero (

Today I’ll try the demo version of Nero 6 to find out if this works better. I’ll post the results of this test. Did you also only test DVD+R or also DVD+/- RW or DVD-R? What were your results with other types of media?


Until now I only tried different brands of +r and +rw. All with the same result, not playable in my AOpen DVD rom (and also not in my Labway XWAVE LB900 DVD player). Mostly they are readable in my Philips DVD 633, but sometimes with freezes.

Hi hoekdvd,
meanwhile I’ve also tried DVD-R (one from Medianca and one from Verbatim), which were written in 13 minutes without any problem. And the NEC could read them!!
I’ve also sent a mail to NEC to ask them what I could do to get my drive to read DVD+R/RW. They now answered me and told me that the NEC DV 5800 A is unable to read DVD+R/RW, so it was no wonder I had problems. And this can also not be changed by updating the firmware (NEC wrote:"dear customer, DV-5800A supports only DvD-R/ DvD-ROM, new firmware wont change that).
This was confirmed when I tried to read the DVD+R/RW with the DVD-drive in my office (Samsung SD 616T): With this drive I could read DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW I had burnt with the BTC-drive without any problem.
So it seems as if the problem was really due to the lacking compatibility of the NEC DVD-Rom drive (which is already two years old), and I don’t have to return the BTC-drive (as it is fast and quiet).
Instead I will have to buy a new DVD-ROM drive (any suggestions regarding a DVD-ROM drive which is quiet, fast, compatible with DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW, has a high audio extraction rate and a good error correction?)
Perhaps you should also contact the manufacturers of your DVD-Rom drives to find out if they should support DVD+R/+RW. And perhaps you should also try DVD-R, to see if your Aopen drive can read at least DVD-R



You might wanna hold your horses for a while. When bitsetting is implemented in firmware (hopefully 0048) you will be able to fool the NEC drive into thinking it’s a DVD-ROM media, not DVD+R/+RW.

Anyway if you want a cheap DVD-ROM drive why not stick with BTC? The BTC BDV316C 16x DVD-ROM seems like a good choice and it should be dirt cheap too!