DVD-RW Unfinalized

Does anybody know if DVDFab Express will automatically burn a video from my hard drive to a DVD-RW unfinalized so I can play it in my Panasonic DMR-ES10 and subsequently record another on the DVD-RW?

I am pretty sure Fab will finalize the disk

unless someone posts with direct experience, think you will have to test. As HUN states Fab will definitely report finalizing on a burn session, but pretty sure you will be able to still record over on another session…it does work that way with the rw+'s, but I know technically different, and a rw+ doesn’t require finalization.

Thanks for the feedback. The Panasonic doesn’t require finalization to read it’s own DVD-RW’s but say that you need to finalize them to be read in other players. It also says:

You can record and edit the disc after formatting although it becomes play-only after finalising

Also in a DVD-Video format box it states:

Use a DVD-R or DVD-RW to record by the DVD-Video format.

Which all leaves me a little confused. Should I be using another piece of software that I have to record it in DVD-RW?

I have Cyberlink’s PowerProducer for capture and that will record to a DVD-RW via VR format which is the same for DVD-RAM discs. I’m presuming that the DVD-RW will be the same as the DVD-RAM discs, they are re-writable and PP3 erases before writing.

Well, I can tell you my experience with +RW…pretty much as HUN and Larry describe. I’m a little confused re: your inital post.

Are you attempting multi-session recordings? This will not work with fab as it will want to “finalize”. In order to re-write to the rw disc again, simply enable “Overwrite rewritable media” on the settings page.

In my experience, this last feature fails on occasion. I just run the disc through something like nero to erase it…then, it’s ready for fab again.

Not sure if this helps you…

I think Tom has the key, rewrite, okay - multi-session append - no dice. But with a movie, you are only going to fit one on at a time, even with compression, so your overwrite should work, and be fine. Also, have never had the Fab “format” not work, but Tom is also correct that Nero and other burn apps do a deeper erase, takes longer, but always seems to allow another write.