Hi everyone, hoping someone could help me. I have two TV’s in my house, one down in the living room and one up in my room. I have a DVD recorder set up in my room. Most nights, I watch a show downstairs and record one upstairs on a RW. Once I watch the show, I delete it and record the next one. Last season, I had no problems, but this year I’m getting a copy right protected error. I don’t have a cable box (just rabbit ears). I also tried recording on DVD-R’s (which is a waste or $$) and that worked for a few shows, but the latest had a copy right protected error on that one too!

Does anyone know what changed from last year? And is there a way to get past this? It’s so frustrating.

TIA for the help,


There is a ‘do not record’ flag available to broad/cable-casters, but AFAIK it’s mostly not used. Perhaps times have changed…