DVD RW turns into cd drive

I put in a blank DVD-R and the DVD writer acted as though it was only a CD drive and would not write to the disc. I put a DVD movie or data, it worked fine. I look at the drive icon in My Computer and it changes from a DVD to CD writer.
I take the blank DVD out and it the icon reverts to say DVD-Writer. What could be causing this? I have tried system restore but no difference. I even purchased a new DVD writer thinking that this was the problem but no change only a waste of money. I use nero 7 and never had a problem before. Does anyone have an idea what might be the cause?

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In Windows XP, you can’t use Windows’ built in burning software to write to DVDs, only CDs.

Now if you’re saying that you’re trying to burn with Nero 7, what error messages does Nero give you when you try to write to the DVD-R?

And what model is your DVD writer?