DVD+RW too small for backup?

Geez, And I just got mp3 burning down…

I’ve burned a few DVDs but only of material found on usenet.

Rented a movie, single day rental. Ball and chain couldn’t get to it in time so i copied to HD.

Now i’m ready to put that flick on to a DVD+RW but its too big (apparently).

my software (DVDDecrypter) says the disc is empty and has 2,295,104 sectors available – the file is 4 mil+ sectors. and yep – it fails about half way through the burn.

Is this a CP problem or a technical incompatibility? Are there “bigger” +RW discs out there that can hold this?

Thanks for any insights…

If the movie was dual layer is was over the 4.37GB that fits on ±R/±RW media.

You will need to either rip some special features out and/or trascode the movie to be smaller.
Check the transcoding forums, more specifially the guides section for a great place to start.