Dvd-rw Tdk Dvw-a040212 Dual (+/-)



A local store near my home is selling this DVD re-writer, and I was wondering if it is a good device, for backin’ up purposes, overall.

Is TDK a good manufacturer? Is a good model this one? What about firmware updates support?

Thank you, people.


TDK isn’t a manufacturer, the drive is made by NEC and is the ND-1300A model. TDK gives it a custom faceplate and has custom firmware, but you’re really getting a normal NEC. There’s a modified firmware which reportedly adds a lot of media as compatible. TDK releases firmwares more than most other companies, but you’ll probably end up with a modified firmware on your drive anyways.

See here


Sorry I’m so late :o

It happens that the very same store is (from two days ago) selling the NEC ND-1300A, about 100 € cheaper than the TDK!!! Thaks god I did not buy that one two weeks ago!!!

Now I’m gonna find out some details about the drive (I dunno if it’s possible to comment here… Err… PS2 and XBOX dvd backin’up capabilities… ehem) and maybe I’m buying the NEC.

Thans for the info, see ya!