DVD RW suggestion

I am looking to buy a DVD RW/CD RW combo drive. My budget is around $100 but i wouldn’t mind geting a cheaper one,…
some told me to get either the NEC 3520 or the Sony DW-DU22A.

Wondering would you guys would suggest???

i personnaly say go for the NEC 3520
or try an msi try the sight below to see what you think
the msi drive
the NEC 3520 (My personnal choice)
see which one suits your needs
hope this helps

is the nec 3520 available out side UK ,… in the US,… I can’t seem to find it,…

i will have a look around 4 ya

im afraid to say your just going to have to wait a bit longer before it is available in the USA you can wait or go for a differant brand like the msi or liteon

personnel prefernces would be
Dual layer

  • and - recording

Actually I am not that much informed about the World of Optical drives. So, apart from the NEC 3520, which one would you recommend,…

I personnaly would go for something like this
A liteon drive same price as the nec 3520
This is what i might get l8r in the year so
hope this helps

Take a look at the Recording Hardware Forum (this is the General Hardware Forum) and the stickies in the RHF. You should be able to get quite a number of opinions there.

@Ice Cold

How can you be so sure in your recommendation of the ND-3520A when so few people have tried it and when a few of the preliminary results say that it might not be as good as the 3500A… considering that it has a completely different chipset and all.

Have your tested this drive? Do you know anyone that has it? Do have any clue on it’s availability? What do you base this recommendation on? Do you just dream up this stuff (as seen in your previous post) just to have something to post?
:wink: :wink: Think 'bout it!

Sorry, I am new. This is my first post, so i didn’t know where to post it,…
Thanks for the replies