DVD-RW seen as CD-ROM Drive?

I think I have this post somewhere on this forum but I’m unable to locate it.


I have the Asus Lightscribe Sata DVD-RW and I’m trying to burn a DVD, but when I enter the the DVD-R into my Drive it loads up as a CD-ROM

I use

Nero 8
Power DVD
Image Burn

Thanks for any help given.

That is a normal quirk of windows xp. Nothing to be alarmed about.

@ welshblokeuk,

As Forum Member pfloyd1 states in posting #2 a DVD Burner being recognized as a CD-ROM is just normal WindowsXP behavior is nothing to be conceded about.

If you are attempting to use WindowsXP Native Burning Program to Burn DVD Media quite frankly the WindowsXP Native Burning program is an atrocious Burning Program and the WindowsXP Native Burning Program only supports CD writing and it does not support DVD writing.



please post a screen shot of cd-dvd speed or imgburn recognizing a dvd as a cd.

They won’t. Only windows exploder will show a dvd as a dvd.

that was my point. :slight_smile:

Point well taken…