DVD+rw/ - rw

Why should I not use + - RW in my player ? Is there players that can play + - RW? what’s the use of buying RWs if you can only use them on your PC? I record family vids ect on RWs and need to add more footage later. And they do play on my stand alone. But prob don’t if I send a copy to someone else. My player is a GE dge105n.

It’s all about compatability…some players handle them well while other don’t.

Yes, and seeing as they are very different disc types you’ll need to tell us which one you are having problems with: +RW or -RW?

I don’t have a prob with any of them it’s just the way Nero is formating them they’re not converted to DVD but something else that my player won’t recognize " no disk inserted " I have another thread explaining my plight down a few lines. * Please help for Nero 7 Ultra *