DVD RW Roxio & Sonic



I use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and a colleague uses Sonic software (Dell OEM version). We’d like to be able to exchange DVD RWs (+ or -, doesn’t matter), but disks created with Roxio drag-to-disk aren’t recognized by my colleague’s machine with Sonic software installed. Instead her machine prompts her to install the UDF reader. If she does that, she can read the DVDs, but then that takes over and all disks she puts in the drive are grabbed by the UDF reader and the only way she can find around that is to uninstall the UDF reader. I haven’t yet tried to read any of her disks, but am sure I won’t be able to read them. Are there settings for Roxio D2D and Sonic that allow the recording of compatible DVD RW disks?


In Drag2Disk there’s the option to “use the disc on other computers or devices”. This should close the disc & allow any computer, with or without Roxio, to read the disk.
Is this what you are doing?


Hi Tim,
Yes, I do always use that option. It seems that the Sonic software still doesn’t recognize the format. Plus, I’ve just encountered another, probably closely related, issue. I got a CD from this same person containing one folder with a number of pdf files on it. In my computer that has Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 on it, the folder appears empty, but on an old Win 98SE PC, all the files are there and work just fine. I’ll be visiting the Roxio site for updates very soon!


If your friend uses win 98, she will have to use the reader or install drag 2 disc herself. The ability to read these type of discs is built into win xp.



I have just upgraded my computer to Windows XP (from Windows 98) and the CDRW software is now not working.

I am (or was) using Adaptec Easy CD Creator Standard Edition v3.5 - The Roxio Drivers seem to be causing a conflict with XP.

The Drive unit, WPI CDRW-4424 seems to run just fine, as does XP.

Does anyone know of there is a patch to resolve this problem?

Here’s hoping!


I am (or was) using Adaptec Easy CD Creator Standard Edition v3.5 - The Roxio Drivers seem to be causing a conflict with XP.
As they will, that version of Easy CD creator is not compatible with XP at all, you won’t get it to work with XP either. You will have to update your burning software to something more current and compatible. Remove that old version of Easy Cd Creator, then install the UDF reader, then if you need to burn you should be ok if you use Xp’s built in burning capabilites if you can’t upgrade for other reasons.