DVD+RW RICOHJPN-W11->Stock 1.06->NO GO?

Hi !
Anyone can confirm succefully burn with stock 1.06/1.07 firmware ? I have tried difficult media TDK/Sony/Fuji ( all are have RICOHJPN-W11 layer ) - seems to be NEC2500A can’t correct format it, or have no correct write strategy for it. Got one time Fuji to very bad burn, but now Fuji is not recognized in the drive :((. I have no problem with MKM and Philips-041 layer.

Sorry for bad english.

P.S. tried format with DvdInfoPro -> after format still “Disk Unformatted”, Nero gives “Error Writing”, after “Formatting”.

That’s a pretty old version of Nero. Try updating it to current. And DVDInfo Pro while you’re at it.

I’ve been burning the W11’s with no problem. I’m using Herrie’s 107v2b4 firmware, but I believe he has made no changes to the RW code from the original firmware.


Thanks for answer, but i am not think that it’s a old-versions of Nero and DVDInfoPro problems. 107v2b4 not tried yet, but probably Herrie had not changed write strategy for RW+ from 1.06 to 107v2b4 firmwares. Probably i have not very quality drive.

Excellent result here with Ricoh W11.
Using 107V2B5 from Herrie.

Hmm… Sapa, did you tried burn W11 with stock 1.06/1.07 fw. ?

Just flashed 107v2b4 - same shit, nothing helps. Seems to be a drive don’t likes W11 anyway… Btw. Events-Viewer reports about bad block on cdrom0, if i try format it with CDrinfoPro.

I posted a scan of a W11 burned using the aforesaid firmware.


Try another media and ask for an RMA if still unsuccessful.

Thanks, i am thinking now, that i have simply not very quality drive, but for RMA is too late :(. But why i can burn w/o problems RW+ medias MKM ( Verbatim ) and various PHILIPS041 ( TDK/Memorex ), i have no others RW+ in the hands. Okay, i just found very helpful site, that can help ( theoretically ) avoid from buy “dangerous” layer :slight_smile: - but of course here not all media of the world, but enough for lucky buying. Btw. TDK RW+ here is listed only PHILIPS041 - hehehe, i have bought 2 TDK RW+ that have RICOH-W11 ( damn, damn ) - here is no difference in EAN-CODE between both layers :(. The site is here: http://www.mediamatch.de

Hi Sapa,
Saw your post on the other DVD+rw thread…just posting here in case you read here first:
i see you doing good with v2b5 now…I have v2b4, like you did i guess, seeing its in your signature,does b4 do well with those +rw’s?

Hi there,
recent flash here to v2b4; no prb’s , looking to start using +rw’s…saw Memorex branded 4x +rw’s…probably these same
-have you been using them long? many? same good results?
Thanks :wink:

RICOHJPNW11 works good on my 2500A.
You should do fine with that media mdl3r1.

I have no problems here with 107V2B4 with continued successes on W11.

Thanks to all for answers - it was a bad drive. Just replaced with other ( same model ) - everything is ok now. And RW+ RICOHJPNW11 goes okay.