DVD+RW Recording Problems

Am I the only one with this problem…?

I bought a Sony DVD/VCR recorder. I use the DVD recorder to record a few TV programs each day to watch when convenient. After a day or a week of use (recording, viewing, then erasing) the discs suddenly will no longer work. I’ll try to watch some recorded programs (just commercial TV) and I’ll get an on-screen message that the disc is now unviewable and unrecordable. I’ll go to the disc information screen which then reflects there are 0 hours and minutes available, and 0.0 of the 4.7 GBs. The title (play) list is gone as are the programs.

I have returned and exchanged the Sony machine once, and moreover have exchanged three packages of DVD+RW discs, trying to determine where the defect lies. The problem continues. :Z

Usually I can reformat the disc to make it operable, but of course loose the recorded and unwatched programming.

The above is maddening. I’m through hoofing the products down to the store for exchanges. So I can use the VCR function to record and watch TV programs and the DVD recording capability will be useless.

Can someone please take a moment to offer intelligent input on this? While not an expert on this technology, I know enough to know it’s not me who’s doing anything wrong with the setup etc.

Many Thanks,
Tucson AZ

What brand of discs are you using, and what is the Sony recorder model number?

My Sony Video Cassette Recorder/DVD Recorder is model no. RDR-VX515. My first two attempts with DVD+RW discs were with TDKs. My third attempt was with Sony DVD+RWs. (I had hoped that using the same brand of discs and machine might help, but to no avail.)

Incidentally, I called Sony support’s 800 number. It was obvious that they outsource to India. I could barely understand the representative, and all she could do was read suggestions from her computer screen to me, which were not useful at all.


From my experience, TDK DVD+RW discs give very good performance and write quality in the Lite-On recorders, so if you are having issues with several of these, then it is very likely a fault with the recorder, considering you got the issue with a 2nd brand of media. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, going by user reviews on VideoHelp.com, there have been a lot of negative experiences with the drive, however most seem to be with picture quality issues instead of initialising discs. One other option you can try is to give DVD-RW media a try, but then again that does not fix the issue, particularly if you are interested in the features of DVD+RW. Assuming the shop offers refunds, I would seriously recommend bringing it back for a refund and go for another model / brand of DVD recorder as DVD+RW’s should not start dying that quickly.

I had a similar problem
in this thread

I followed the advice and tried 1 x Speed RWs and so far they are working well. :slight_smile: