DVD+RW Question



Is it advisable to erase a DVD+RW every time I write to it using erase function or simply overwrite it?


From what I understand most burning software simply quick erases the media before burning if you already haven’t done so.


I have used +RWs for years and I simply overwrite them. Never had any problems at all. Yes, as 8t8 says, this does include an implicit quick erase.




I have no scientific fact for this, but, I do a full erase after every 10 or so quick erase re-writes. I would like to believe that this helps to prevent errors. Then again, I believe in the easter bunny.

I do know from experience that doing a total erase on a RW disc that has been written on a different drive can sometimes make an unrecognizable disc recognizable again in the original drive. Don’t know why, but it has worked. CD only so far as I have not yet encountered this with a DVD. Using that as my rationale, I do a total erase of the disc before writing to the disc using a different drive for the first time.


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My experience is mostly with CD-RW, and very little DVD±RW.

I’d normally use quick erase, and full erase only when there’s trouble (which usually fixes the problem).

Whether full erase is “good” for the discs, I have no idea, but I wouldn’t want to double the writing time, and my discs seem more or less fine.



I don’t think it is particularly good for the media. If you think about it, you’re making it go another chemical phase change cycle for no use. In fact, a full erase actually writes some sort of bit pattern that corresponds to a decoded 0 or similar, so yes - it is writing data and wasting the phase change life away (some cheap discs die eAsy). Good discs won’t mind, but then again, you are wasting your laser life to do this, so i’ll just stick with the direct-overwrite if I were you :wink:

Oh and I forgot - DVD+RW has a wobble built into the track for burn laser positioning. When you overwrite, and everytime you overwrite, the wobble is dulled corrupted or whatever, and it gets harder and harder to read the wobble and hence burn quality lowers :).