DVD-RW question with Nero


When recording DVD-RW, there are two formats - Restricted Overwrite (RO) and Sequential (burning). To get the disc in the first mode, it must be formatted, to get it in the second, it must be erased.

My question is, is it possible to write a DVD-RW with Nero in sequential mode? What I see is that there are no such options, and when a DVD-RW is being recorded, a format is performed and the disc behaves as RO, regardless of the fact that the disc was Sequential before that.

Am working with 6.3 something now, but I had the following problem with an older version (I think 5.5.10 or like that) - I burned one session, left the disc open, then a second session, left the disc open. Then tried to burn a third session, the sum total of the three sessions summng up more than 4.37 GB. Nero let me, then reported successful burn - and you guessed it, the last files just aren’t there, neither in verification, nor trying to copy them to HDD. The table of contents shows all files.

I want to check if the same problem will happen in Sequential mode, so I want to try it.