DVD RW problems

Probably not the first time you’ve had one of these, but I don’t know where to start…

I got a Sony DVD-rw drive from a friend so I can burn a game. The drive says CD Drive (still reads dvd and shows icon) in my computer. It works fine with cd’s, even creating images

Explorer treats it like a cd - can’t burn or properly erase cd. It still works within media player

Ashampoo can transfer any files to/from dvd but not burn images

I’m trying to burn a game with .ccd .img .sub .cue files.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums andygee33.

First off, please tell us the model number of your dvd drive.

Secondly, please download a free burning program called ImgBurn, and try to burn a dvd with it. If this fails, you need to copy the log file from ImgBurn and post it in this thread. The log file can be found by clicking Help–>ImgBurn logs.

You can use any one of the mirrors on this page to download ImgBurn: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

Greetings, Kerry56!

Sony DVD RW DW-Q28a
Driver version

Thanks for quick reply, I was actually downloading imgburn last night!

Imgburn works unless trying to burn existing images. It says something like ‘image does not appear to be the right format. Do you want imgburn to reformat on the fly?’ It does write correct but afterwards seems to garble up sound and slows setup disks to snail-pace.

Clean install last week… so no viruses, conflictions, exceptions

I’ve tested and found the drive works fine in another pc. My old CD drive works in this pc and can burn images.

New dvd disks seem to let ashampoo+imgburn burn images.

I understand how tricky it can be to fix the silly hardware problems like this, but I am only looking to find where the problem stems from.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Copying games can be tricky. Removal of protection is the main concern when making images of them, so the only thing I can think of is that you are not starting with a good image file of the game.

I got the drive working properly now! Using .cue file in imgburn after re-installing dvd drive and setting write speed done the trick.

I took SC4 image from legit disk because my cd drive started acting up. I was using daemon tools for a while to mount. My old pc doesn’t like it now that I’ve updated the game so I tried a clean install(from original disk)
Worked fine until I updated the game again.

Updater is fine, .dat files are the right size after, no AV active.

May I ask if you know of a good way to troubleshoot the problem. It’s more likely graphics/ram/cpu (not compatibility) as it’s an old computer so an upgrade will be cheap.
AMD Athlon processor
Crucial 256mb ram
Nvidia Riva TNT 2 model 64

Without knowing the game’s recommended specifications for your computer, I’d just be shooting in the dark.

You might be right on the edge of acceptable components, and the update pushes things too far. Your computer is archaic, but if the game is from the same era this might not be out of reason.

I never ran XP with less than 512mb of ram. My computer from those days (circa 2003-2004) used an nForce 2 chipset with three memory slots, and I generally used three 256mb chips. So the amount of ram you are using is certainly a weak point.

Any modern video card will crush your current one, though finding one for an agp or pci slot limits your choices, since all modern computers use pci-e slots. And the cost of the new card, about $50, would be far more that what your computer is worth.

Of course, it could simply be a video driver issue also.

Most of my gaming has been on consoles .
So I’m shooting in the dark too .
Since an update to the game caused the problem it probably added larger & better graphics. So they may be more than your graphics card can process quickly enough or at all.
The problem is this has a snowball effect . A hardder working graphics card will use more of the CPU’s time & percentage . If this game(& just running your PC) has the CPU at 100% all the time . Then there will always be a problem. If the CPU is not using 100% most of the time the game is running then it is most likely not the main problem . It may still be a little slow.
They only way to say this is too little RAM to even run XP correctly . I’m suprised it can even run a game too.
I have an older computer for backup & some would say I spent more on RAM than it is worth . It definately helped though. It has three 256mb sticks & that is considered the max for it’s motherboard.
I don’t usually advertise for any company but I got the RAM from this company:
All three cost me $54.00 plus shipping . That was about 6 years ago.

Thanks for the replies guys, I’ve figured it’s a video issue now. I know my ram is weak but it’s relatively new and from a good company. I am also not one to shout names but Crucial seem pretty respectable. Kahlon… never heard of them. Seem pretty professional.

PC starts, runs and defrags pretty well considering… but it does run SC4 at 80% cpu(before+after update).

Sadly SC4 update doesn’t really affect graphics(exept open GL), it’s all in small code. Re-routing traffic and re-scripting over bugs was of highest importance. Do EA ever finish a game before they release it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I found that most flash games work, but framerate drops (and some lag) in youtube. I tried a dvd and got same results with WMP, VLC.
Graphics card(high end for it’s day) is inserted right, updated, setup proper…

This problem seems to be the pc, not the game. Regarding my specs, should youtube even work?

I recently mothballed my sister’s backup computer, which had a Barton core Athlon XP 2500+ cpu, 768mb ram, XP Pro SP3, and a Geforce 3 Ti200. This combination is probably more capable than your old machine, but its the closest comparison I have, at least within recent memory.

I could play dvds on this machine with no issues. And Youtube played ok, though not the HD streams. I suspect you’ll have issues on all fronts…cpu/memory/graphics. You have no graphics hardware decoding of dvd movies for example, and the whole burden shifts to your cpu.

My advice is not to put any money into such an old machine unless there is no other choice. Some people like to keep one around for old games, since you don’t have issues with a cpu that is too fast, or has too many cores for games written for XP or Win 98. But as a general purpose machine? No. Time has passed these by.