DVD RW problems

Im new here so I dont know whether this is the correct place to post this or whether this has been posted before, but I did not use the search to find out because I thought it was a bit vague.

I have two DVD RW’s now, but a few days ago my LG DVD RW was working fine until I put two discs into it by mistake. I then tried to write a file to disc and an error message appeared saying that the drive (D:) is not accessible. Incorrect function. I then bought a NEC ND4551 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter because I thought that I had broke the other DVD RW drive, but when I installed it the same error message appeared for the new drive. I was wondering if anybody else has had that problem and would be able to help me.


Use a proper burning app for burning cd and dvd media.

I have, but I cant do that because the error message appears. Like I said, the drive will read the CD/DVD, but when I want to look on the disc in My Computer the same error message appears and when I right click on the DVD Drive and click properties the space usage is 0 bytes

Windows cannot access blank media & will spit out the error “Drive is not accessible”.
If it is feeling good, it will spit out “Incorrect function”.

You must use a proper burning program to access an unwritten disc.
Nero is the most widely used “All rounder” burning program.

Alternately, if you just have to waste discs & time, & live life on the edge, you can use drag and drop by installing an appropriate packet writing software.

Very few people use packet writing. You should learn from the majority.