DVD RW problems with Roxio and Nero :(

Hi guys,

Iv had a problem with my pc since i bought it 3 years ago!!

I have a dvd rw with my dell PC - its a NEC dvd+rw nd-1100A

however when i try making a dvd with the roxio software i was given it always says ‘the disc in the recorder is not the proper media for this project. please insert a blank disc’

this happens no matter which disc i put in ive tried sony jvc princo … alll new blank dvd’s

so then i installed nero express…however the problem with this is that it doesnt recognise my dvd recorder…so when i select data project it only recognises my recorder as an ‘image recorder cd-r/rw’

so my projects can only be 650mb/700mb

i hope im making sense plz ask if u dont understand anything!!

id really like ur help guys cos its been 3 years iv had this PC and i paid for a dvd rw yet have never been able to use it!!! only as a cd-r/rw

many thanx in advance hope u can help me!

Your burner is quite old now, I got my 1100a some 4 years ago I think.

What were the DVDs you got? It’ll only burn +R media & won’t even recognise -R media and it won’t recognise 16x media regardless of whether they’re +R or -R.

Where did your version of Nero come from? Older versions were tied to a particular burner & wouldn’t see a different one.

And please don’t cross post like this. That means posting the same question more than once.

Sorry, but as TimC mentioned, the cross-posting of the same issue across multiple forum sections is not allowed here, as not only does it clutter the forums, users who may try helping out on one thread may not realise that the advice they are giving may have been posted by someone else on the other duplicate thread.

Anyone wishing to follow up on this may do so in this other thread.

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