DVD-RW problem

i bought the I/O Magic IDVD16DL which is a rebadged BTC 1016 (firmware A089) but i have maxell dvd-rws that are multisession but i have all kinds of problems burning them it has burn errors and it has turned one of them into a coaster these worked perfect with my trusty Pioneer DVR-105 but not this drive can someone tell me if a firmware update fixes this and maybe reccomend a firmware to use they can burn my dvd-r without a hitch but not these dvd-rws

Try getting a new firmware via http://www.drvupdate.com/

If that doesnt work then unfortunately its BTC clone, and unfortunately BTC dont have a good reputation when it comes to DVDRW drives. Your best bet if you want to successfully burn these discs is get a new drive.

the firmware update didn’t work anybody else have any suggestions

WHY did it not work?
What was the exact error??