DVD/RW problem with HP Burner

Hello guyz,

I have the following problem: I have an HP DVD/RW lightscribe burner witch always worked perfect ! Now I have put the drive in another machine and burning cd’s is not a problem, reader DVD’s is also not a problem but burning DVD’s or copying one is not possible???
I have allready tried several software programs like Nero, DVD Shrink, DVD studio, Image burner, Alcohol 120% but none of them wil burn and give a error.

The strange thing is that the burner reconizes a blanc disc but will not burn or copy it?

Can you guys help me with this because its driving me nuts :a
Thx guyz !


What firmware are you using and it it the latest version and how old is the drive is it under warranty still? Do you have a exact name and model of the drive as well? You give alot of info but no info as to the drive itself won’t give us much to go on. Also what is the jumper setting and what kinda cable are you now using? Does the BIOS identify the drive and does the computer properties see the drive and what type it is?

Hello Wiseguy, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Do you get any kind of error message when you try to burn a DVD? An error log (say, from Nero) would be handy to see what’s going on.

Also, checking your DMA might be a good idea, and enabling it if any of your drives are in PIO mode (see the link in my sig).

Thx for the info guyz, im gonna check somethings out and come back woth more (usefull) info :wink:

Thank you !


i have some very stupid problem didnt figure out what the problem is really but at first it was easy to write a disk anyway plz through some light on that problem of mine well the problem is i have already some saved data in my dvd and when i want to add some more data and then burn it wont do
actually the nero didnt read the data and when i add some more data it wont burn and says insert new disk
i have installed the updates from nero official site so thats not an issue here there must be something else otherwise the burner is working fine for blank dvds but i cant just waste my dvds i have to burn it several times but it won`t work any help would be appreciated thx