DVD RW Problem - Please Help!

Okay been using my dvd burner for a while but i get so many problems with it!

I start with a RW DVD and i burn some stuff i want on it. I then continue to write onto it until it’s full. Once it’s full i then delete all the stuff off it to start again with new stuff.
Not always but sometimes the dvd doesn’t seem to delete it says all the stuff has been deleted but it truly hasn’t! This seems to of screwed up 3 or 4 DVD RWs which is really pissing me off!!
I have tried to do a full delete of the cd but it comes up with an error half way i’ve also tried deleting it on my dvd recorder but doesn’t seem to fix it.
What is it’s problem???


Please specify software used…

Okay, i’m using Nero and my dvd burner is an LG hope that helps.

Did you format a DVD-RW with Nero DirectCD to copy files inside? It seems you are using that crappy DirectCD. Do not use it… instead put the DVD-RW in the drive, create a data DVD or an ISO/UDF compilation, drag the files you want and burn. You can always add more sessions later… :slight_smile:

Nah i’m not doing that. I’m creating a data dvd. This is what comes up:

It basically tells me that the dvd is not empty would i like it erased so i say yes then it comes up again and doesn’t erase nothing. Even though the dvd is completely erased. When i tried to burn it through windows media player it said there is no dvd RW in the disk drive…


Actually when i do it through media player it says no cd or dvd burner has been detected…hmm weird.

Plus i just tried a brand new dvd and it doesn’t work.

I have restarted the computer and didn’t help

What version of Nero are you using? That is a strange problem… but why burn some stuff and then erase? :confused: :confused: :confused: Try making a UDF/ISO compilation…

You could try using ImgBurn to do a full erase on the disk:


It is free.

Because i download tv shows then burn them onto dvd watch them on my dvd player then once i’ve finished with them i erase the disk then burn some more.
I’ll try the full erase thing now.


BTW i’m using Nero

I do the same thing. There are some shows I can’t record, cause they get pre-empted or power out or cable out or something, so I download the ones from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW (only over-the-air free stations) and watch them. I use this codec pack, which has Xvid in it:


the only difference is that I watch them on my computer monitor from the hard drive instead of burning to an RW disk.

Anyway, hopefully ImgBurn will do the trick. It has a pretty straightforward method of just getting the thing formatted.

Update Nero… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s the only way to go. Except the reason i do it is because i live in Aus and we either don’t get all the shows here in aus or we are like a year behind.
Anyway ill give it ago soon.