DVD RW playback poor




I have a NEC 3500AG burner and have had great success with burning verbatim DVD+R and DVD+R DL. I am having difficulties with DVD+RW burns.

The playback on my stand alone DVD player (Samsung) stutters and skips on most of my burns with the RW’s. The video appears corrupted (blocky splotches). I have slowed the burning down to 2.4x with no improvement, although about ever 6th burn does produce a movie that is watchable… Interestingly, the trouble spots are not always in the same spot of the movie. In fact, I just watched a movie yesterday with no problems that I knew a month ago was unwatchable with the exact same disc…go figure!

What could be going on? Is there something inherently different with the way the data is written on RW disc or is it a different dye on a RW disc that my player is having trouble with? I am using Nero to burn and perhaps a different setting in there would help. Like I said I have 100% successful “play rate” with +R’s and +R DL’s, so…???

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.