DVD+RW or SL DVD for divx player?



I usually backup movies to SL DVDs for the kids, but sometimes there are movies that I don’t feel like wasting a whole SL DVD for. Usually I burn several of those kinds of movies in divx format on a single SL DVD. That way I don’t waste a disc on just one crappy movie. I can put several crappy movies on one disc.

Is it recommended for me to use a DVD+RW for divx? Or should I continue using regular SL discs for divx, and just throw those away when done?

Do DVD+RWs even last long? What will cost less in the long run?

My player (Oppo 970) does read DVD+RW and can decode divx. I can’t use the card reader or USB on the player because it reads too slow.


If you backup movies for the kids, thus implying that you throw away the backups after they’re worn out, then you should use normal R instead of the RW. The rewriteability would be a waste, as RW is more expensive. :slight_smile:

DVD+RW isn’t very good when it comes to stability. :frowning:


I was thinking that with DVDR, I would have to throw away the disc after burning several divx files to it. But with DVDRW, I can erase those divx files and burn new movies to it, without throwing a disc away.

Not worth it?


You can actually be bothered encoding the originals to divx? If you have the originals, downloading would probably be quicker hehe. Wonder what the stupid MPAA would have to say about that? Idiots… oops sorry I’m heading off track a bit!

Back on topic:

Yes it’s worth it, but what if they are kids, which yes they are, they will rape discs easily. And if you get scratches on RW (even small ones make a difference) it makes it very unreliable to read and burn multiple times.

You are better off using the cheapest SL media that will work fine. You don’t even care about longevity do you? Ritek G05 might actually be a good option for you! Haha, they are cheap as hell but naturally degrade and die by themselves after about 6 months or so. They do burn well initially and work great, but it goes downhill from there. But for a cheap price and for absolute throwaway discs, why not just use something like that.

Bottom line: I say no to RW, not as compatible after many writes and also sensitive to scratches.


I’m using Verbatim DVD-RW for playing divx files on my Pioneer DVR440. With DVD+RW the divx files aren’t detected. Seems a quirk with this and some other brands like Panasonic.

For what I want this approach suits me fine and is by far the cheapest way to go.


How long do those DVDRW discs lasts for you?

Sometimes I have to write just one divx movie, and I feel like using one whole DVDR for 2 800MB files is a waste. Wouldn’t DVDRW be a good idea? But I do know that there are really cheap DVDRs out there…so hmm.


The Verbatim -RW should be good for many, many burns. You may need the occasional full format/erase but that’s no problem.

A quality -RW disc costs perhaps 5x a cheap -R so after 5 burns you break even & I’d certainly hope for burns numbering in the 100s from an RW.


That’s if stored correctly and the disc is not abused. He does have children. I have seen these little monsters in action, mainly my cousins, who are cd/dvd destroyers. A RW wouldn’t last more than a few rewrites with them. So if your children are careless with discs, don’t use RW.


Exactly. Anyone who isn’t careful can easily render a RW disc unusable (my sister touches the bottom of the discs with dirty hands). Recordable discs last longer in my experience.