I have an excellent DVD-RW which i have re-recorded countless times, and never had a problem.

Went out today and bought the same model from same manufacturer, but when i got home, i noticed its a +Rw, and not -Rw…

I will use this +RW exactly for the same thing I use my -RW: record DVD movies.

Can i expect the same excellent performance and compatibility with DVD Players with this +Rw or should i restore it and ask for refund??? THey dont have the -Rw avaliable.

I have burned over 30 movies on this -RW and still not a glitch on any burn when i watch the movies. I would like to know if the +Rw will act the same.


In theory yes :iagree:

It depends on the manufacturer and mediacode mainly.

As long as your PC burner or standalone recorder will accept +RW, it should in theory be more compatible with modern players.

Remember you don’t have to format a +RW to either Video mode or VR mode before use, nor do you finalise it after recording.

If you want a precise answer you need to post your burner and the media codes for your two types of media.