I have a Pioneer DVR-108 and would like to know if, for best drive/player compatibility, is DVD+RW or DVD-RW better? Which is best and what’s the differences between these two, similar, rewritable disc formats?

I have the DVR-108 too. Both formats play fine in my DVD players. If you use DVD+RW your Pioneer will bitset the booktype to DVD-ROM if you use the Piodata firmware potentially making the discs slightly more compatible in some standalones.

The key is to find decent rewriteable media. For DVD+RW I would recommend the Sony 4X DVD+RW that are made in japan (SonyS11 media code) or Verbatim 4X (MKMA02). For DVD-RW media I would look for Verbatim 4X (MCC01RW4X).

For data backups or stand alone dvd recorders certain disc may be better suited for your needs in those areas. You’ll have to research them.

OK, thanks. Are made-in-Japan discs hard to find in the US?

Someone may have a source for the Sony, but I have not yet seen any. Rima.com is a source for +RW Verbatim and Ricoh coded Ritek. I have had decent results with the Ritek. I would not use Optodisc.

CompUSA was selling the 25 packs of Sony DVD+RW’s a while back. Some of those spindles were reported to be the made in japan stuff.

OK, so any definite places I can surely get these discs anytime? Not just during special sales or anything, but always?

The only reliable sources are online. Brand names just change their media sources too often.

Go to CompUSA or Staples and read the country of origin statement on the Sony packages. The ones that are Made in Japan are the ones you want.