Dvd rw or anydvd error

hi folks,

im back again with wots probably a stupid question but hey, thats why were here.

got myself a new pc

intel pentium d cpu 2.8ghz
1 gb ram
sony dvd rw dw-g120a

from my old pc i added the nec dvd rw nd-352aw (set as second drive in old pc)

im backing up with 1 click dvd v5 with anydvd v6.0.5.1

the problem is whenever i burn a disc, in either drive, anydvd error appears

failed to read, disc is damaged, dirty, wrong region etc etc. but its none of these.

am i doing something obviously dumb!!

thanks folks

Can you clarify whether this error appears when you try to burn a disc, or during the reading phase?

sorry, forgot to say,

after a supposed successful burn, i check the disc to make sure the burns fine. thats when i get the unable to read message.

the read error message also comes up when copied disc is added to either drive for copying.

does that make sense??

meant to ask, can you have 2 dvd rw’s in one pc??

another thing thats happened, once the error message appears, the window to launch the movie with various software appears (not mset to auto run). this doesnt happen all the time, mostly cant read message.