Dvd-RW Not rewritable anymore

Ok here is the deal: i have a laptop with a mashita dvd writer. i Burned a maxell and a sony dvd-rw with nero 7 and i cant erase it anymore. i tried with dvd decrypted.i managed to erase it, but when i insert it to burn with either ashampoo or Nero it says the type is DVD-ROM, even though i choose dvd-rw with dvddecrypter…
is it a problem of the device or software? i still can burn “normal” media.
Thanx in advance.

Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed?

If so, this can be fixed by changing a setting in each without having to uninstall them.

i have deamon installed…what do you mean?

OK. Inside Daemon Tools’ settings (or options), find an option called “Hide CD-R media” - or something similar - and uncheck it.

Otherwise, it can make burning software think the disc is DVD-ROM, and thus not writable.

i completely uninstall it and it worked…thank you for you help…you saved me…:bow:

Hehe, that’s another way! You’re most welcome :slight_smile: