DVD+/-RW not recognizing blank DVDs in WinXP

I have scoured the internet for the past 3 hours. My wife is pissed by now because it is Sunday and I have ignored her and the baby all day trying to resolve this. :frowning:

I just installed an “NEC 8X Black DVD+RW/-RW Drive, Model ND-2500A, OEM Bulk” purchased from newegg.com.

Of course it is OEM so it didn’t come with software. I got a copy of Nero 6.0 and was able to burn a backup copy of my MP3s onto a blank DVD without an issue. The burn was successful and all the files show in Nero. DVD Movies play fine as well. The drive can read from CDs without an issue either.

The problem is that when I go to “My Computer” to access the DVD with the MP3s I just burned, the icon says “DVD-R” but right next to it reads “CD Drive ( D: )” and when I click on the drive to access the contents all I get is a blank window with no files in it. When I remove the DVD from the drive it goes back to reading “DVD-RW Drive ( D: )”.

Even putting in a completely blank DVD it switches under “My Computer” from “DVD-RW Drive” to “CD-Drive”.

I have read many posts on the web I found doing Google searches and this seems to be a common problem. However, none of the threads seem to provide the “fix”.

I don’t have that problem.
I can explore my data DVDs just fine and Windows Explorer never renames my drive a “CD Drive”.
The problem must be with your specific configuration.

Is your burner properly jumpered? (Master is recommended)
What IDE drivers are you using? (Try the default Microsoft drivers or the newest drivers provided by the manufacturer)
Is your IDE cable old/are you using an 80 wire UDMA cable?
Do you have another device connected to the same IDE channel? (you may want to try isolating your NEC on it’s own IDE channel and testing again)

DVD +/-RW is set as the master
I am using the drivers that Windows XP installed. The drive is OEM so it didn’t come with any software.
I am using an 80-pin Ultra DMA cable
I tried disconnecting the CD-RW on the same IDE channel and the problem persists.

Why would Nero be able to “see” the contents of a burned DVD and not Windows?

I had a similar problem with that drive and the MSI 4x drive it would write dvd-rw but then saw them as normal CDROM and wouldnt blank them again. It was usin the DATASAFE 2x DVD-RW media.

I had to update my firmware then it blanked and re-wrote time after time no problems

May not help but you never know

It’s possible that you did not finalize the disc.
If you do a multisession burn in Nero, Windows will have trouble recognizing the disc until you finalize (close) it.


That was indeed the problem. When I burned another DVD disk without using multi-session it worked just fine !! Windows was able to “see” all the files on it. :slight_smile:

So now the question is …

Now that I have a DVD (my first one) that I burned in “multi-session” in Nero … how do I “close” it out so that Windows XP can read it ? Or is it now a coaster ? :sad:

this might seem a mighty dumb question… if you burn without multisession and close the disc with a +rw… can you still rewrite / erase the disk? the reason i ask is because the default in nero with rw’s is multisession… but i have had problems with the disks being readable. and i guess this is the answer! let me correct myself … a really really dumb question :slight_smile:

Yep, you can still erase it.

Just pop in the disc – there is an option in Nero to finalize a disc that was burnt before.

I think it is in Tools – you should be able to find it.

Nope, can’t find it.

Where is it?

Found it.

It is an option once you elect to burn. It is under the last tab labled “Burn”. There is a box that you can check to finalize.

Just FYI for the next guy.

Yeah - I knew I’ve seen it before :slight_smile:
Sorry am at work and don’t have nero here !