DVD-RW not recognized after XP restore

I recently restored my Dell XPS400 to it’s out of the box condition using their Symantec restore option, but now that I have, my DVD-RW drive is listed as a CD-R drive. This is particularly frustrating because my major use for my PC is burning DVD’s with DVD Dycryptor.

How do I get it to be recognized if I don’t want to burn DVD’s through Nero, Roxio, etc.? Will installing one of these applications make Windows XP recognize the drive as DVD-RW so I can use it with other burning applications?

Thanks in advance!

First off why are you using Symantec restore option…where you able to first when you got your computer get the Recovery cd/dvd with the computer and if not did you create the Recovery cd/dvd first. So that in case of a O/S problem you can restore with the Recovery cd/dvd back to factory settings? That would’ve been the first route I would’ve done assumeing your computer is xp with vista from what I heard you need ultimate dvd to create the restore cd/dvd for vista. Otherwise you left with going back to whom you bought your computer from and requesting the factory Restore media to bring your computer back to life and or ordering the Factory restore media from Dell for you computer. I am not a fan of Restore points as that sometime don’t work correctly and the Restore by factory media cd/dvd is the best way to insure that you computer will work like it should and clearing out any unwanted programs on you computer. But my money goes for the Factory restore disc not symantec restore points that not what I would recommend users to do. The restore media cd/dvd is made for your computer and should be the only one used to restore to Factory settings at the time you bought the computer.

What burning program do you want to use? Have you actually tried burning a DVD yet?