DVD-RW not reading any type of disc

I am clueless when it comes to shit like this so I don’t even know here to start.
I’ve ran a virus scan and that didn’t help. I also tried a disc on my DVD player drive and it works fine.

Here are a couple pics to maybe answer anything you guys might need to know in order t help me out.

the drive is probably faulty rma it or get a new one , but theres a small chance its the ide driver in device manager expand “ide ata/atapi controllers” right click the ide channel the drive is on and click uninstall and restart also you might wanna try putin a bootable cd and configuring bios to boot from the drive just to be 100% sure if its the drive

How do I know what ide channel the drive is on?

Sorry if I’m asking retarted questions but when it comes to this I pretty much am one.

Also, what do you mean with RMA in the first sentence?

Also, when I put a CD into it I can hear it trying to read it, but it just keeps trying over and over again.

RMA Return Merchandise Authorization - Call the company where you purchased the drive and tell them it is bad. They should give you an RMA number and arrange to either have it picked up by a shipper, or for you to take it to a shipper with the RMA number. It is just a way of them tracking it to ensure that you get credited with returning it.