DVD+/-RW not erasable?

I have a Lite-On LH-20A1L with BL05 firmware.
I have been having issues with DVD+/-RW media in that I can’t erase it after data has been added to the disc with this drive and “DP Simple Burner” or “AMOK CD-DVD Burning” software(these programs have a default setting of ‘Finalize Disc’, which is not future set savable). I have attempted to erase the media with multiple programs including BwgEraseDisk, Nero 7 and 8. I understand what ‘Finalize’ means for a disc in the write-once scenario, but why would it matter with a RW disc?

Anyways, can someone please help me to recover the usage of these discs which I am largely responsible for possibly ruining.

My hardware/software enviroment is as follows:

WinXp Sp2(fully current updates)
AMD 4400 X2 2x1MB
ASUS A8N32-SLI-Deluxe(nForce4 6.86 Drivers)
nVidia 7950 GT(171.16 Drivers)
Integrated Sound
Hauppuage WIN-TV Analog Tuner Card(with WHQL Drivers)
No other Optical Drive
I have disabled all Anti-Virus during later attempts.
I also washed behind my ears.:wink:

[QUOTE=landofcleve;2022151]please help me to recover the usage of these discs which I am largely responsible for possibly ruining.
Hi, try to erase disc using another drive (not the same type) or stand alone recorder.

Try IMGBurn use the full erase.
tools\drive\erase disc\full
If that doesn’t work I will make a few other suggestions.I’ve only had one disc IMGBurn wouldn’t erase.Nothing would I finally just made a coaster out of that one as I beleive it was defective.

I have also tried to erase the disks using a NEC 3520a in another comp, and the IMGBurn went thru the paces but now it is not detected as anything other than a full closed/finalized disk.


Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed on either PC?

I have Daemon tools on both.

OK. Go into Daemon Tools’ settings, and poke around for an option called “Hide CDR media” (or similar)…if the option is enabled, disable it and see if it helps. :wink:

Found the option, turned it off. Still no go, still identified as finalized/closed disk that is non erasable and non writable.