Dvd rw not burning any dvd


I have a problem with my DVD RW, that it reads CDs, DVDs, writes CDs but I can not burn any DVDs.

I searched a lot in the web, found this forum, read a lot of topics, but couldn’t find any answer.

My hardware is SONY dvd rw dw-d22a.

I’ve tried a lot of DVD burning softwares like NERO, deepburner, cloneDVD, etc., but no one worked…

I tried to flash my drive, and did with lite-on firmware, and updated it to BYS3, Nov17, 2004. But nothing changed.

I tried to write at very slow speeds, also tried to write very small files (etc. 1 kB)…

Can somebody help me? Many thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This problem can be due to a very low quality disc. What discs are you using exactly?

Do you get a precise error? Can you post more details about this error? For example posting here a log of nero could give more details :slight_smile:

Remember: if you post a nero log, remove first the serial number :wink:

Hello geno888

Thank you for the speedy response. Well I had NERO OEM, but it said that it can only be used with the provided DVD rom, so I uninstalled it while installing Nero- Still, couldn’t install it because it required directx 9.0.

I tried it with deepburner again, and failed. I came up with a message "WRITER ERROR [MEDIUM ERROR [POWER CALIBRATION AREA ERROR]].

What shall I do now?

By the way, I tried burning to Maxell DVD-R 1-16X…

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I think that your problem is due to the low quality media you are using. Get rid of Memorex discs and buy some quality media like taiyo yuden or verbatim (except for the verbatim “pearl white” series).

If your computer have difficulties to run nero, I suggest to use Imgburn, a free and very powerful software :slight_smile:

Thank you geno888, I’ll try that and post later.

Have a nice day

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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