Dvd rw no longer record cds


i have a lite on dvd rw sohw 1653s that has decided not to record cds.
looking in device manager the recording tab has disappeared.
if i insert a blank cd or dvd it does not detect the disk but any disk with anything on it works just fine.
i can it seems still burn cds using nero, windows media player will not detect the drive and cd writing wizard just tells me to insert blank disk.
any help would be great.

need some help

Use a REAL burning app as a start!

Yes, if you can still burning using Nero it should not be a problem. Anyway Windows Media Player and CD Burning Wizard are not good apps anyway.
If you want to try other burning apps, try Roxio/Sonic’s Easy CD/DVD Creator/WinOnCD and Pinnacle’s InstantCD.

but can you tell my why the recording tab has dissapeared from the drives properties window and why these apps no longer work.

It would seem that the drive has not been recognised correctly by your OS.

Microsoft have a fix (here) for XP, if you don’t mind editing the registry:

i tried the above and to no avail.
my drive value is set at 3,i tried 1,2,3 and 4 but no luck.
does the above relate to dvd drives as well.
any other clues???

Drive value???

Just use a proper burning app for DVD, this is a must!