Dvd+rw no longer recognized as dvd+rw

Hi all,

I have a problem that I have not been able to solve so far. I bought a spindel of DVD+RW’s (Philips brand) with the prospect of burning movies to it, watch them on my TV / Home Cinema Set and then erasing the disc and putting another one on it… But after having burnt one movie on the disc it is no longer recognized by the software I have been using (Alcohol 120, Nero, IMGburn) as a DVD+RW and thus not been able to erase it and not been able to use it more then once…

What could be causing this? And is there a way to solve this??
I Appreciate all feedback, so thanks in advance!

Welcome to CDF’s:

In Alcohol settings, go to Emulation, and make sure Ignore Media Type is unchecked. This could well fix the problem, may need a reboot though.

Hi Rolling56,

Thank you for your answer, I will have to trie it tomorrow at the earliest tho, got work coming up so better get some zzz’s… I have found another way so far, using good ol’ DVD Decrypter… With this program it was no problem whatsoever to erase the disk… I have no idea why Alcohol, Nero and IMGburn cannot but as long as I am able to erase them with a program (in this case DVD Decrypter) I will have no complaints… :wink: