DVD-RW MEDIUM FORMAT CORRUPTED (SCSi error 033100) — what causes?


I found an 10 year old Verbatim DVD-RW×6 (MKM 01RW6X01) laying somewhere around.

  • IsoBuster reports error 033100 on each accessed sector.
  • IsoBuster shows, that a Session 01 among a 4.38GB track exists on the disc.
  • Nero DiscSpeed still allows quality scanning. After pretty much exactly 2GB, the average error counts dropped from 20 to 1 PIF. PIE dropped from around 162 to below 30.
  • Nero DiscSpeed indicated, that our TS-H653B burned the disc.
  • Entering any sector count using IsoBuster does move the lens to the sector, but give 03/31/00, as already said, instead of readable information.

Now, I do not think, that important files were saved on that disc, but I am just curious:
What might have happened 10 years ago to cause 033100 MediumFormatCorrupted?

Certainly no degradation, because our other MKM01RWX601’s are still readable at a pretty good quality.

How exactly can that error be reproduced?


I finally figured out one possible cause for “MediumFormatCorrupted” to occur:

Unexpected abortion during one of these stages:

  • Closing session.
  • During (re)format prior to writing user data.
  • Finalising disc.

The LiteON eTAU108 returns the infamous 05/21/00 instead of 03/31/00, in which the former one 0x052100 stands for Logical Block Address Out Of Range.