DVD+/-RW media opinion needed?



Hey all, I’m new to DVD burning, but I’ve been lurking and reading for a couple of weeks on this great site. From the advice and guidance offered here, I burned my first DVD video using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and only wasted 1 disk, due to a subtitles mistake. I can say, there aren’t that many sites out their with the maturity and knowledge this site offers, so thanks for your help!!!
My question is - Why aren’t more people using the DVD+/-RW media. It seems to me, in all the forums I searched, the ratio of people talking about +/- R media is about 100/1 over +/-RW media???
Furthermore, if I catch anyone attention with this question, could you offer any input as to what is some good media in this format… Mic1111

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I record in a standalone recorder on +RW and then edit/transcode, etc. the recording on my computer and then burn to +R (for bitsetting to DVD-ROM).

I’ve only ever used two brands of +RW: Fuji (Richojpn) and Imation (Philips041) and both work very well for me. I’ve tried -RW from Fuji but with such mixed results that it just isn’t worth it for me to deal with the “Dash” media.

My two cents (US).

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Thanks Trak101, I have a liteon 1693s and from what I’ve read they like the + media, so it’s the Fuji Richojpn +RW I’ll try. Always nice to have some RW media around, just to experiment with…

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Price can also be a factor, as now +r/-r’s are now as cheep as cd-r’s.


I am using 6x Verbatim DVD-RW media. They work well in my LG 4163 and Pioneer 109, but not my Philips 1640 (new firmware may help).