DVD-RW media for the 105 Pioneer

I just got a 5 pack of DVD-RW media cased Verbatim

They say they are 2x certified, but my 105 Pioneer only sees them as 1x.

And they write fine at 1x, but why won’t they write at 2x ??

I have 1.33 firmware on, they didn’t work at 2x before I changed the firmware either.

So just persuming there not fully compatible with the Pioneer 105 ?

What make do you use on your 105 ?

Anyone used these type of DVD-RW on their 105 ?

{DV 355} Datawrite ** 2x ** 4.7gb DVD-RW in tubs of 10 (Re-recordable disc)


(near the bottom of that page)

{DV 305} Verbatim 4.7GB DVD-RW (Re Recordable) disc in jewel case
<= These ones?

{DV 355} Datawrite ** 2x ** 4.7gb DVD-RW in tubs of 10 (Re-recordable disc)
As you can read on their page, this is crap being made by Princo.

I’ve found one report so far concerning 2x Princo RWs, and they are as bad as Princo 1x RWs: hardly / not readable in many drives. The person who wrote that report used a Pioneer A05

No there not those ones, they are these ones from a local jessops store in the uk. orange box “Live it”


The that site is says there 1x, but on the box it says 2x