DVD+RW Media for Sony DVP-S525D?

Hi there, i’m looking for a DVD+RW Media for my Sony DVD Player. I’ve tried the Philips and the Verbatim. My Player always says: No Disc. I only had success with DVD+R Medias. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot.
Mr Nasty
By the way, i’m from Germany.
Oh, I’ve got an NEC 1100A

Check out the following link from dvdrhelp.com:


It seems the results are mixed regarding the DVD+RW compatibility, maybe it has something to do with the firmware version, the brand of the media and burner used. It’s always tricky to make the RW media work on the older players because of the RW media’s lower reflectivity.

Thanks. I already read this article. It didn’t help me. Maybe the Player is too old. It is from 1999. “dvdplusrw.org” says it should work. Strange…