DVD+RW media for NEC 2500A/2510A?

seems like everyone is concerned about dvd-r and dvd+r media for the nec 2500a, ie. “what is the best dvd+/-r media.” i did a search in this forum and could not come up with any reports about compatibility and write quality issues with dvd-rw or dvd+rw media (eg. from ritek, optodisc, tdk, taiyo yuden etc.).

i am considering buying a larger batch of 4x optodisc dvd+rw. price seems reasonable for me at “supermediastore.” but i am not sure if optodisc will burn @ 4x and what the write quality would be.

any comments or suggestions? pros or cons? other media suggestions including links?



Dear Capt_KA,
I 'm using OPTODISCOP4 +RW with very bad results!
So be sure about what you are going to buy

I’ve used RICOHJPNW11 and INFODISCA01 +RW’s at 4x with no problems. And I’m too lazy to do full erases :wink:

I’ve used some Optodisc 2.4x +RW discs and they seem ok, both in my 2500A and Lite-On 451S.

I use HP branded Philips041 +RW. Burned fine at 4X everytime. The only problem I have is if I bitset to DVD-ROM only the NEC is able to read it. I don’t bitset them anymore.

thanks a bunch to you guys for your input. here are my thoughts.

thanks for the list. i was actually already aware of it and reviewed it as my first source. my problem is that this list does not necessarily include OEM’s. tdk eg. uses discs manufactured by ricoh, imation uses CMC etc. but all those discs are a little bit more on the pricier side ($2.50+).

i am looking for good-quality discs at reasonable prices which i personally think should be in the $1.50 range for 4x dvd+rw’s. i just don’t have patience to burn at 2.4x. so, thanks phoenix’97. :wink:

currently, compusa has a deal running this week (06/13/2004 to 06/19/2004) for sony 4x dvd+rw @ about $17 for a 10-pack. it seems like my 2500a recognizes them as 4x. manufacturer is philips (adip info “PHILIPS-041-00”). i just got back and will test those “samples.”

you said you experienced bad results with optodiscs. can you elaborate a little bit? did you have read errors? were “KProbe” results terrible? did your dvd-player exhibit video stuttering during playback?

are you using original ricoh branded discs or oem’s? the same question goes to your infodiscs. under what name did you buy them and do you have KProbe scanning results?

where did you buy your HP discs?

again, thanks a lot to everyone for your replies!


Well this is interesting…

Here is a scan of a 2.4x Optodisc DVD+RW. Initially I had filled the disc using the 451S. Then I erased it and wrote about 3.5GB using my 2500A. In this scan it seems the drive scanned the whole disc, including the “deleted” data that was still there from the 451S record. Notice how the PI errors fall after the 2500A data finishes! What’s going on? I’m using Herrie’s 1.07b7, this one worked so well with -R media I haven’t really paid attention since then. Has that been fixed a bit?

Please note that I can still read this disc just fine in all my drives, not the fastest, but still readable.

Phoenix '97:
this is VERY interesting! can we conclude from your scan that only the very first (“virgin” so-to-say) burn would result in the best possible write quality???

did you do a full-erase before writing the new 3.5 GB data? how would your scan be if you used your lite-on 451 burner to re-write on the SAME disc? this is becoming really interesting… :wink:

i burnt on my newly acquired sony dvd+rw and the scan with KProbe 1.1.12 (i know it’s an old version :bigsmile: ) were constantly in the 200’s until it stopped at 50% eg. the scan stopped b/c of unrecoverable errors! dvdinfopro had ZERO problems with the disc!?! btw, i’m using a lite-on combo sohc-5232k.

i will do some more testing and also update kprobe. :bigsmile:


here’s a copy of my 2nd scan of the sony dvd+rw (with KProbe v2.1.0) – it’s even worse! and this disc has been burnt only once (the “virgin” burn). :confused:

hmm, maybe my lite-on drive is not really suitable for using kprobe.


What you see above isn’t really a virgin burn, this disc had been written to maybe 5 times before the 451S even touched it. I did not do a full erase before writing with the 2500A. Tomorrow I will try to write to it again using 451S and scanning it again.
Lite-On combo and DVD-ROM drives will usually not give useful results from K-Probe scans… I have a 166S and there are times when I’ve gotten almost a constant 200 PI across a variety of discs.

Got my HP Philips041 from Staples couple months ago when they were on sale. 10 pack in slim case.

Have a look here :


the dvd-player was able to reproduce just the start o f the movie…

keep us posted! :bigsmile:

hmm, what else would you use then? the plextools supposedly are great, too, but only come with plextor drives AFAIK, so what is left?

also from beppes input, i have the impression that the 2500a is a great drive to write on DVD-/+R’s but not really a friend of DVD-/+RW’s. can anyone confirm this? unfortunately, in the the cdfreaks’ review of the 2500a surface-scans of dvd-/+rw’s were not performed…


Here is the scan of the same disc written completely with the 451S:

Typically, the PI stays below 10!

Check here for drives that can report PI and PO errors (the bottom half of the page):

I have great results with Ricohjpn W11 Memorex +RW 4X branded.
On a Nec 2500A using 107V2B5DL

wow, that’s a HUGE difference!!! looks like the 2500a doesn’t like optodisc and philips dvd+rw’s! :eek:
btw, thanks for the link to cdspeed2000. :slight_smile:

that’s the way it’s supposed to be. here’s a scan of my PHILIPS041 BEFORE AND AFTER firmware upgrade (from V2B4 to V2B5DL). the result? :Z looks like i need to try out some ricoh’s.


ps: ppl, what do you think of establishing a “DVD+RW blacklist” for the 2500A???

darn, forgot the attachment :wink:

Yeah the JPN 11’s seem to be really good, I got these in a 3 pack of Maxell 4x +RW’s:

Hi Sapa,
I’m just now also trying to see what RW’s are best; I have v2b4, which I noticed as your signature, but you are talking of v2b5DL.

So, did you have problems with those Memorex branded/Ricohjpn’s with v2b4??

If so, did you “lose anything” in gaining the better compatibility with these RW’s with v2b5??
Thanks in advance!! :bow: