DVD-RW media damage?

DVD-RW media damage ?
i’m using Pioneer DVR-A05 with Pioneer 2x DVD-RW media (i burnt to 4 of these discs two DVD-9 movies split using dvdxcopy)

  • all 4 discs playback on Pioneer DVR-A05 fine in powerdvd xp and windvd4

  • but 1 of these 4 discs has problems with dvd playback on LiteOn 16x 165H DVD-rom and my Pioneer 16x dvd-rom 106s

so i used Nero CDSpeed scandisc to check out the DVD-RW discs and found that this 1 disc has alot of damaged areas when tested in LiteON 16x dvd-rom but little or no errors in Pioneer DVR-AO5 ?

Could the disc be damaged and the dvd-rom’s laser isn’t good enough to read the damaged disc, but A05 dvd burner can ?

How can it show damaged areas on DVDs?

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How can it show damaged areas on DVDs?
so nero cd speed would show a false result for dvd-rw media ?

looks like upgrading my LiteON 165H firmware from CH0Q to CH11 now allows my problematic dvd-rw disc to be read properly without errors, however my Pioneer 106s 1.22 region free dvd-rom still doesn’t read the dvd-rw hmmmm