DVD-RW MCC 01RW4X is this normal?



I have burnt this MCC 01RW4X at 4X after erasing it and it produced this. Is it normal? Is it a bad disc? Bad brand? Bad drive? Or just bad combination??
DVD+R, +RW, -R, CD-R, CD-RW are burning normally on this BenQ 1620 B7S9…


Minor PI error counts over 350 make your disc out-of-tolerance.
Although, the disc did not get completely bad until it reached 4 gb.
Quality score=0. Maybe try to reformat the disc before burning it?


Yeah I’d try a full format of the disc and and test again here’s the same media I burnt but with B7P9 and thats after a full erase of the disc.


The one of mine WAS AFTER FULL ERASE.

I will try again with this one and one another disc of the same type…


Another disc of the same type. Burned with B7P9 after full erease, scanned almost month ago with B7S9. What do you think of this?



Both scans look moderately ugly. Approximately how many times have these discs been burned? Could they be approaching end-of-life (100 - 1000 burns)?

Does you drive burn regular DVD +R discs normally?


All of my discs were overwritten less then 10 times.

Here are some scan of another MCC 01RW4X media. FULL ERASE before each burn, no scratches on the surface that would correspond with the 3-3,5GB area.

All the other media are burnt o.k.


Concentrated errors (as shown in the area round 3.1GB - 3.6GB) completely unlike the rest of the disk are almost always the result of physical defect, dirt or damage. The rest of the scan looks very good, so you may want to see if there is anything you can see on the disk that may cause this (it will be closer to the outside of the disk than the inner).

If it just dirt then, clean it up and do another full erase, otherwise if its damage/defects, I would throw the disk out as your more than likely to lose data stored in this area of the disk.


Now I have 3 different MCC 01RW4X discs. My BenQ1620 isn’t able to burn on it. I have tried 2,4 and 4 speed burning, but the result is always blank or unreadable disc.
I had only 3 successful writes. Is it a reason for RMA? I don’t have any other DVD-RW drive to test these discs on and I have no other DVD-RW 4X discs to test…

And my standalone DVD player plays DVD-RW only (not DVD+RW)…

Anyone else is actually using MCC 01RW4X media? (I mean using, not burning once and posting scan)


I regularly use MCC 01RW4X discs branded as Verbatim DVD-RW I have 2 of them that I use for data & movie purposes and have not had any problems with them, they have been erased and written to over a dozen times.

Honestly cant explain why you’re having such problems if theirs no scratches on the disks and other media burn fine in the drive :confused:

Could be some freak chance all 3 pieces of media are defective ??


Yes. That is the last posibility. But look at this: I asked BenQ EU support about this problem and they said they would suggest to me that I use following DVD-RW: CMC 4x , JVC 4x , Optodisc 4x , Prodisc 4x , Ritek 4x.

So I asked again, if there is some incompatibility with MCC 01RW4X (because they suggest to use another discs) and they replied:

[I]Dear Sir,

No manufacturer of DVDRewriters supports all discs on the market , this is also not possible since there is limited space in the firmware available .
We support a wide range of popular discs. There are lots of online internet webshops that sell a large range of DVD Discs.

BenQ Support[/I]

What does this mean? But this MCC 01RW4X is on their supported media list…