DVD-RW Madness




I was not sure where to post this but as the forum summary mentioned stupid questions (which this may well be) I thought this would be the best place!

I have been burning over & over to a DVD-RW on a NEC 3520 trying to perfect a DVD project and the more times I erase and re-write to it, the harder the set top DVD players seem to find accessing and reading it. Is this normal because I never had this problem with DVD+RW (which I used to use as I could change the book type on my old DVD writer).

I thought that perhaps burning in a different writer (Plextor 712A) might help but this actually made the problem even worse. The DVD stuttered and skipped all the way through and when I put it back in the NEC writer, it only saw it as a CD! It then took about 15 mins until the drive stopped trying to figure out what it was and I was able to erase it again. All the DVD’s I have previously burned on the Plextor worked fine by the way but the difference is that I had not already used the disc in a different burner.

Is there an unwritten rule somewhere that says it is bad to mix burners on the same DVD-RW? There is a visable difference on the disc after burning the same project on 2 different burners… so I guess there could be something in my theory?



I had similar problems in the past after about 50 writes or more and lots of wear, I couldnt get the disc to show up in anything but the original writer. Try another disc!


I had only done about 5 writes though!



Hmmm…Maybe the using of different drives does have something to do with it.


IMHO, DVD-RW have much worse quality than DVD+RW.
In real life you able to rewrite it 50-60 times only :frowning:
As for me I prefer using DVD+RW with changed booktype to DVD-ROM.


Well that’s certainly the impression I have got… DVD+RW seems to be much more reliable and able to cope with many more re-writes. However it seems virtually impossible to buy any burners now that can actually change the book type to DVD-ROM on +RW. Most can do +R but when testing DVD projects it is obviously more sensible to use RW if possible.

I am still convinced that using different drives on the same DVD-RW without a full erase screws everything up but I am surprised noone else seems to have come across this… and I have done quite a bit of searching around to see if it has come up before.



That seems somewhat logical. :iagree: