DVD+RW limit to number of Rewrites?

I bought 10 FujiFilm DVD+RW 4x

I have had 2 of them fail. By fail after rewriting the disk it does not play or plays with many errors in my standalone DVD player. I know it is the media, because when I rewrite to a new disk there is no problem. I worry that the rest of them will all eventually fail.

These seem to be failing after 20 to 30 rewrites. Is this common for all DVD+RW media or just this manufacturer? I’ve also tried verbatim DVD+RW in my DVD player and they never worked in the first place.

I tried doing a rull erase (instead of quick) and rewriting. Made no difference.

CD Speed Discinfo:
Manufacturer : Ricoh
Disc Type : DVD+RW
Usage : General
Recording Layer : -
Recording Speed : 2.4 X - 4 X
Capacity : -

Additional Capacity : -
Overburn Capacity : -

Drive: LG GSA-4163B

Burning software: used Nero Express and TMPGEnc with same results.

Standalone DVD player: Panasonic RV31

Any help would be appreciated.


These discs used to be very good. They are now showing a lot of problems. The last three batches I tried were all unusable. Wish I could give a better choice, but Verbatim seems to be the only good one left and you already said your player won’t work with that. Players are odd, have you tried bitsetting?

I returned the verbatims, so I can’t try it immediately. I tried rewriting the latest failed fujifilm with the booktype set to DVD-ROM. It made no difference.


Verbatim 6x -RW are reckoned by many to be the best available currently. Also the Ricoh 8X +RW I’ve been using seem to be holding up well so far.

BTW I used the same LG as you for burning these.

Some of my Verbatim 4x DataLifePlus DVD+RW have started to show errors after two or three rewrites, but others are still alive and well.
My TDK 4x DVD+RW are made by the same factory (CMC?) and keep up just as well.

A couple of my 4x +RWs have just failed completely after less than 10 burns.

Complete reformatting using DVDInfopro should solve slightly problems.

Didn’t work for me unfortunately. :sad:

I can confirm that RICOHJPNW11 used to be very good. I’ve got a few lying around which are about 1-2years old. None have failed yet and some have seen heavy use, particularly come baseball season :wink: They get used with my 4163B and my Philips stand alone DVD recorder.

As for bitsetting, the 4163B cannot booktype DVD+RW discs. So that is a dead end.

There is one more brand of DVD+RW discs you can try : Sony. Sony 4x DVD+RW (SONYS11) works pretty well with the 4163B and my various stand alones. If not, try DVD-RW discs, even Verbatim.

I also have a pack of 25 RICOHJPNW11 +RW disks, but they were branded as Ritek.

Out of the 25, I think 3 have failed after 1 or 2 rewrites, one lasted as long as 9 rewrites, 8 failed after 5 rewrites. I bought them in Sept 2005 and they were burned on a Liteon 1693.

In a couple of other threads in this forum, I’ve posted Kprobe scans of the Ricohjpnw11 disks before and after the failure.

Try it in another burner if possible.

Why bother buying RWs? Rs are so cheap and store so much that reusability is not an issue.

Rw’s are good if you just want to transfer small amounts of data, that are too big for cd-r’s. Also are good for bringing to friends houses, for partys etc, as if they get lost or damaged, you dont have to shell out another load for your original copy. And if you dont loose or damage the copy, you can just erase the disk and use it for the next time you want to have a film weekend :wink:

Did that as well. :sad:

On another thread I mentioned my troubles with the W11s. In any case I’ve been using HP branded PHILIPS 041 with very few problems. If one has a blip, I give it a full erase and then it’s as good as new.

I’ve been circulating the same 10 discs for months between a standalone Lite-On, a BenQ 1640, and a NEC 1300A.

Great stuff, at least for me.

full reformatting (done by full erase) doesn’t seem to make any difference.


I won’t have hundreds of ±R lying around here taking up so much space when I can have stuff I actually want to keep on RW and erase it any time I want to put new stuff on it… :smiley:

I still don’t know what type to get to replace my failing disks. Why will the ricoh type play in my player, but not the verbatim?


I’ve been using and reusing some of the MIJ Sony S11 DVD+RW 4X discs in my Pioneer DVR-108 to see how many writes I can get on them. I have over 25 rewrites on one without any problems. Almost all of the rewrites have been at least 4 gig of info.

I have used a Moser Baer 4x +rw disc (MBIPG101 W04) that I’ve used for about a year. I must have rewritten to it at least 200 times already with TV programmes and absolutely no errors :eek: :clap: