DVD RW LDW-811 not burnning media



My dvd rw ldw-811 s is not burnning media and shows as “Burnning failed”. It is reading disks but not burning. what may be the problem?


Its old and obsolete. Time to buy an actual burner.


I agree, get a new one.


Those things were a crap shoot when new, I had 2 of them and never could get a decent burn out of either one. The burns might test great but wouldn’t play properly half the time. Some folks got good ones though, was luck of the draw but I never had lucky with mine and finally gave both away when I got better burners.
If your real down on money you can try opening it up and cleaning the laser pickup optical lens carefully and it MAY work again.
It is very old now though and there are way better burners for 30 bucks or less everywhere.